• Select the phonetic sound of your choice but make certain you register your choice with Mme Tanner.
  • Look up words that contain your phonetic sound. You will need a minimum of ten words. Don't forget to include the articles (le, la, l', les, un, une, des). Write a sentence that uses your word. Underline your sound in each word. Also record the phonetic pronunciation of your words in your "cahier de français".
  • Check your work with 2 partners before checking with Mme Tanner.
  • Prepare a draft picture to accompany each sentence
  • Begin assembling your little book using the construction paper and the format presented in class.
  • Begin your good copy on the computer
  • check your work with 2 partners before printing. (Use your draft when doing this.)
  • See classroom handout in duo tang de lecture. There are 3 parts to this project. this is only the first part. Other parts include the good copy and the tape recording
Published book is due Wednesday November 13, 2002. Recording of book will occur in class after that.
  • Writing
  • Speaking (clear recording)