In the next few weeks students will be exploring a variety of Math games that will encourage them to think of strategies as well as acquire new language. At the end of each session students will be asked to write a reflection about the games played that day.

We would like to encourage parents to ask their child about the various games they played that Monday and perhaps your family will learn new games to play together.

List of some of the games:

• Golf
• Geoboards
• Uno
• Yahtzee
• Hexominos
• and more

Reflections should include information to answer the following questions:

• What strategies would you use next time to better play the game?
• How does this game relate to Math?

• Who did you play with?
• Who read the instructions and explained them?
• Who spoke French?
• Who used a dictionary?
• Who took on the leadership role?


PLANNING: Math Game Centres
Prior to starting:
•Pair kids up of similar ability
•Even number teams move clockwise, odd teams move counter clockwise
•Review that you have all the materials required and select the number of game you will need

Day ONE : Intro
Dec. 1

•Notebooks and preparation of them (paste the sheets for reflection/evaluation) and show how we expect them to write about each game each time.
•Review the type of detail expected in the reflections
•Review the evaluation rubric
•Review how we will be observing them and evaluating various aspects of their teamwork and cooperation, French abilities (reading, comprehension, speaking), Math skills and time management
•Review the amount of time per game and how they should divide up their time
•Review behavioural expectations
•Meet their partner
•Play the first game

Day 2
Dec. 8
Games 2,3 / Reflections due Dec. 9

Day 3
Games 4,5 / Reflections due Dec. 16

Day 4
January 5
•Review the expectations
•Talk about what makes a good reflections (read a few), what has been working /what hasn't
Game 6

Day 5
January 12
Games 7,8 / Reflections due January 13

Day 6
January 19
Games 9,10 / Reflections due January 20

Day 7
January 26
Games 11, 12 / Reflections due January 27

Day 8
February 2
Game 13 / Reflections due February 9
Evaluation of the entire process. Last reflection re: Math centres