How Can I Help My Child?

As the caregiver of your child, you are their first and most important teacher in life. To help your child reach his/her full potential in life, here are a few of my own thoughts on how you can best help your child:

– Be present in your child’s life. Show an interest in what they are doing and in what they like.

– Take the time to play with your child. Our schedules can become so full that we don’t spend the quality time with our child or children that they desperately want.

– Read with your child on a daily basis. Make reading a habit. Pick a certain time each night or morning for completing your child’s home reading homework. Read in English too! Learning to read another language is tough work! Make sure to make time to read in English with your child for fun as well.

– Be a good role model for your child. Turn off the TV and read a book yourself!

– Don’t stress your child out. Children all develop at different rates and in their own time. Avoid comparing your child’s abilities to other siblings, friends or classmates. Your child is unique and special in his/her own ways.

– Avoid hyper-scheduling activities for your child. Kids need time just to be kids! Pick only a few activities they really enjoy and commit to those.

– Be involved and ask your child specific questions about school. Keep in mind that questions like “What did you learn at school today?” or “What did you do at school today?” or worst of all “What did you learn in French today?” are not ideal ways to engage in conversation with a young language learner. Our days at school will be very much fluid and routine filled. Math is woven through most of our day especially during calendar. Language learning happens all day but your child will have trouble answering questions like the ones above. Ask specific questions instead like, “Who or what did you play with today during centers?” or “Who’s turn was it to do Calendar today?” or “Did you sing a French song today?”. Another way to show your interest and involvement is to visit this blog every few days and together view pictures of what’s been happening in the classroom. These pictures will trigger your child’s memory and you will be able to strike up a conversation in no time!

– Take an interest in learning French. You’ve chosen to enroll your child in French Immersion, so make an effort yourself to learn some new French vocabulary words. While grocery shopping, look at the French words on the label. Draw your child’s attention to the French around them (on television, at the supermarket, at the library etc.).

– Ask questions and seek help. As your child’s teacher I am available to offer you help and suggestions not only when problems or issues arise. Don’t be afraid to e-mail me a question, post a question as a comment to a particular blog post, or arrange a time to meet with me one on one. Your child’s learning is important to me!